In response to requests that electronic voting in the upcoming elections be considered in order to allow the maximum number of members to be involved, the board has reviewed the constitution and has recommended to the membership that this be allowed. However, this will take some effort to put in place in order to ensure a secret ballot, and to restrict voting is restricted to members in good standing. It has thus been determined that the AGM will proceed as scheduled on October 7 at 5:30 pm, but the voting for officers will take place 2 weeks later on October 21st, by electronic means. Details to follow on the procedures for online voting. The deadline for nominations is now past. The final list of nominees follows:-
President: Saravana Kumar, Waqas Ali
Vice-President: Rahul Vashist
Secretary: Gurman Khurana
Treasurer: David Liverman
Directors at large: Arifusalam Shaikh, Hummam Bin Saif, Shazad Waheed, Ali Malik
Director, St. John’s Cricket Club: Talha Riaz, Ali Malik
Director MUN Cricket club: Deep Patel, Osama Saeed

In order to vote, members will need to have a valid e-mail address on file with Cricket NL; we will be reviewing the membership list in order to identify missing emails prior to the election. At this point we are missing e-mail addresses for the following members:-
Ali Raza, Shourav Islam