The Annual General Meeting of Cricket Newfoundland and Labrador will be held on October 7, 2016, at the Landing, Student Centre, Memorial University at 5:30 pm.

As per the constitution, the order of business at an Annual General Meeting shall be as follows:
• Reading of the Notice of Meeting
• Quorum
• Approval of Agenda
• Minutes of the preceding General/Special meeting
• Confirmation of the actions taken by the Board of Directors
• Secretary’s Report
• Treasurer’s Report (Annual Financial Statement)
• Other Reports
• Election of Board of Directors
• Amendments to the Constitution and By-laws
• Appointment of Financial Reviewers (as applicable)
• New Business

The following positions are up for election:-

Directors at large (2)
Director, St. John’s Cricket Club
Director MUN Cricket club

Sentill Selvamani is chairing the nominating committee which consists of himself, Amit Sundly and Nadeem Saqlain. Any member who is interested in standing for any of the above positions should indicate their interest in being nominated by e-mailing Sentill at (nominators and nominees must be members in good standing). As per the constitution, nominations will be accepted up to 3 days prior to the AGM (October 4), but no nominations can be accepted subsequent to that date, or from the floor at the AGM.

Nominations as of 3 October 2016:

President: Saravana Kumar, Waqas Ali
Vice-President: Rahul Vashist
Secretary: Gurman Khurana
Treasurer: David Liverman
Directors at large: Arifusalam Shaikh, Hummam Bin Saif, Shazad Waheed, Ali Malik
Director, St. John’s Cricket Club: Talha Riaz, Ali Malik
Director MUN Cricket club: Deep Patel, Osama Saeed

Members can be nominated for more than one position but can only be elected to one. Voting will be for President first, then V-P, then Secretary, then Treasurer, then Directors. For example if a member wishes to stand for President but also is nominated for Secretary, then the election for President is held first; if the candidate is successful, then their nomination for Secretary is withdrawn, if unsuccessful, then their name is included in the election for Secretary.
Any proposed amendments to the constitution should be submitted in writing prior to the AGM.

Voting is restricted to members in good standing. The membership year is from April 2015 to April 2016, so current members in good standing are those who paid Summer League dues. A list is appended – please contact if you believe there are errors in this list.

* indicates we have no e-mail address on file for this member. One must be provided in order to vote on-line.

Bharath Shetty NL Avengers
Chithran Vasudev NL Avengers
Deep Patel NL Avengers
Dhrumitt Bhatt NL Avengers
*Edison Sripal NL Avengers
Fahad Ijaz NL Avengers
Gurman Khurana NL Avengers
Gurupreeth Gopinath NL Avengers
Kanakayaliyan NL Avengers
Kasun Chandrasiri NL Avengers
Kulveer Singh Kaura NL Avengers
Mominule Alam NL Avengers
Nicholas Baxter NL Avengers
*Niramal Katagoda NL Avengers
Rahul Roy NL Avengers
Rahul Vashishtha NL Avengers
Rajitha Kaushalya Jayasinghe NL Avengers
Sachin Vashishtha NL Avengers
Samaa Madhawa NL Avengers
Saravana Kumar NL Avengers
Senthil Selvamani NL Avengers
Shakila Kahawidanage NL Avengers
Tapan Trivedi NL Avengers
Ali Malik NL Eagles
Amjad Siddiqui NL Eagles
Anwar Saeed NL Eagles
Asad Ali NL Eagles
Asim Ramzan NL Eagles
Irtiza Dar NL Eagles
Khurram Shehzad NL Eagles
Nadeem Saqlain NL Eagles
Najaf Raza NL Eagles
Nouman Rashid NL Eagles
Osama Anwar NL Eagles
Saeed Khan NL Eagles
*Syed Ali Sattam NL Eagles
Taha Sheikh NL Eagles
Umair Khan NL Eagles
Waqas Ali NL Eagles
Zohair Syed NL Eagles
Aamir Pasha NL Rising Stars
Adeel Ilyas NL Rising Stars
*Adeel Mazhar NL Rising Stars
*Ali Raza NL Rising Stars
Ammer Shahid NL Rising Stars
*Asad Imran NL Rising Stars
Asim Kamran NL Rising Stars
Danish Malik NL Rising Stars
Harish Kanna NL Rising Stars
Ibrahim Ali NL Rising Stars
*Khalid NL Rising Stars
Kulveer Singh NL Rising Stars
*Malik Haseeb NL Rising Stars
Mohammad Irfan NL Rising Stars
Mohammad Saad NL Rising Stars
Mubashar Saleem NL Rising Stars
Raza Riaz NL Rising Stars
*Sajawal Osto NL Rising Stars
*Shahzad Waheed NL Rising Stars
Taqrim Ghous NL Rising Stars
Usama Amad NL Rising Stars
*Uzair Khokhar NL Rising Stars
Waqas Ahmed NL Rising Stars
*Yasir Hameed NL Rising Stars
Zubayer NL Rising Stars
Abrar Khan NL Stallions
Amit Sundly NL Stallions
Arif Mohammad NL Stallions
Ayaz Ghani NL Stallions
Bupesh NL Stallions
Dave Liverman NL Stallions
Hummam Bin Saif NL Stallions
Kazi Ashraful NL Stallions
Kranthi Kumar NL Stallions
Nazrul Shikhon NL Stallions
Neelav Deewan NL Stallions
Purvi Kalyan NL Stallions
Rakesh Negi NL Stallions
Saad Jahangir NL Stallions
Sadman Amin NL Stallions
Shaifan Ahmed NL Stallions
*Shourav Islam NL Stallions
Talha Riaz NL Stallions
Tamkin Khan NL Stallions