Cricket NL will be initiating the tournament on the 28th of January with our match between Indian Warriors vs Pakistan Student Association Cricket Team from 3 to 4 pm at PE 2000. There will be another match between Venkat Chandra’s Team and NL Stormers from 9 pm to 10 pm on the same day.
Captains are responsible for letting the players know individually about the location and time of each match.
Based on the bookings we do at PE-2000, every weekend we’ll send out schedules for that week. Captains are responsible to confirm their availability within 24 hours.
Captains are also responsible for collecting 10$ from each player and deposit to Cricket NL to register their teams in the Winter League.


There are 8 teams divided into two groups of four each. There shall be 16 that will take place in total.

Venkat Chandra’s Team

Sentill Selvamani, Sunil Mittal, Alex Twells, Venkat Chandra (Captain), Vivek Khatti, Umang Handa

Misfits VI

Glenn Richardson (Captain), Chris Landsdell, John Ratcliff, Mark Sharkey, Eddie, Martin

Indian Warriors

Rakesh Negi (Captain), Gurman Khurana, Kavish Srivastav, Abbas Haider, Alex Dias, Ashwin Gupta, Bharat Shetty
NL Stormers

Kaivalya Kulkarni (Captain), Rajendar Dyapa, Penchal Nandaluru, Kareemulla Mulla, Prateek Dongre, Surya Pallapothu, Darshak Patel, Nagesh P., Ranjeeth G.

Pakistan Student Association Cricket Team

Waqas Ali, Zain Waseem Chaudry, Saqib Jalees, Zohair Syed, Wasiq Waqar (Captain), Danial Bin Rohail, Waqas hanif, Muddasir Penker, Arslan Dogar, Zonair Nadee
St. John’s Barracudas

Ayaz Ghani (Captain), Shakil Khandakar Ahamed, Lutfor Rahman, Neamun Nasir, Mohammad Mizan, Sheikh Salauddin

Shaifan (Captain), Omar, Mustafiz, Raihan, Apu, John

Brown Newfies

Shameem (Captain), Saad, Azraf, Shikon, Sakib, Sazidy

GROUP A: Indian Warriors, Pakistan Student Association Cricket Team, Brown Newfies, Gladiators
GROUP B: Misfits VI, NL Stormers, St. John’s Barracudas, Venkat Chandra’s Team


Captain is responsible for making sure all the team members are aware of the time and location of the matches.

There will be maximum of 8 overs per innings.

Only one bowler can bowl up to 3 overs. Rest of the bowlers can bowl up to 2 overs.

No Leg Before Wicket(LBW).

Teams have to show up 15 minutes in advance. A grace period of 5 minutes will be given to the team if they are unable to provide 6 players. After the grace period, the team will be automatically withdrawn from the respective game, and point will be awarded to the opponent team. .If BOTH the teams cannot show up at the correct time then the match can be delayed by 15 minutes and the number of overs will be reduced to 6.

Cricket NL will be providing officials for each game – 1 scorer/leg umpire and a main umpire.

In case of any dispute or argument, officials’ word will be the final say. Any kind of dissent shown to the umpire can lead to the suspension of the player or even the abandonment of the team based on the degree of the offense.