NLCA is starting a second division of cricket and is pleased to continue to develop and grow cricket in NL. The objective of this league is to provide opportunities for beginners, youth players, and
players with limited opportunities in Division A. Division A players are available to make up the numbers if required. The rules are as
1. Div B players will be given first chance based on their availability
2. No players to be taken from Div A unless there is a shortage of players. In such a scenario, we advise the the captains of each team to inform NLCA and the opposition captains in advance.
3. Div A players can only bat after number 5
4. Div A players that bat after number 5 if out will be succeeded by a Div B player unless there are no more Div B players left for batting
5. Match fees are $10, $5 for U18.

The first game is scheduled for 1 pm this Sunday (T20 format). We have allocated players to two teams, named after the historic teams of the
St. John’s league of the 1890s, the Shamrocks and the Terra Novas.

The Shamrocks will be captained by Alex ( and the Terra Novas by Suresh ( Suresh is out of town this weekend so Dave Liverman ( will fill in.