The final group stage games were played on Saturday, with some close matches deciding the play-off line ups.
In Group A, the Avengers beat Tigers Dothraki by 20 runs. The Avengers made 106/4, with Rahul Vashishtha making 43 and Ali Raza 25. Fahad Hossain made an excellent 55 of the Tigers 86/3. The Avengers top the group, with Sharks 2nd.
In Group B, with Royal Challengers already qualified in 1st place, PSA and the Gladiators were playing for 2nd place. The Gladiators came out on top, bowling out PSA for 61 (Raheel Zaman with 2 wickets and 2 run outs) and knocking off the runs in 4.4 overs, thanks to 33 from Abdul Rafeh.
In Group C, Tigers Green beat NSK to top the table. Tigers Green made 67 for 4 (without hitting a boundary), and restricted NSK to 41/4, Arif Mahmud conceding just 6 runs from 3 overs.
There were two matches in Group D.
Avalon CC beat the Panthers in the final over. The Panthers had set a target of 84, and Avalon CC lost 4 wickets in the chase, winning with just 2 balls to spare.
Tigers Flames beat the Lions in the other match to top the group. They made 115/3 from their 8 overs, and the Lions, depsite 37 from Adeel Ilyas, fell 42 runs short.
Tigers Flames topped the group with Avalon CC 2nd, and Panthers 3rd.

For the play-offs, in each grouping (1st to 4th, 5th to 8th, and 9th to 12th), reams are ranked by average points/ game, then net run rate, with the highest ranked team playing the 4th ranked, and 2nd v 3rd. The rankings are:-
1-4 bracket (average points, net run rate)
1. Tigers Green (2, 5.62)
2. Avengers (2, 4.61)
3. Tigers Flames (2, 3.25)
4. Royal Challengers (2, 2.49)

5-8 bracket
1. Avalon CC (1.33, 0.03)
2. Gladiators (1, 1.99)
3. NSK (1, -0.11)
4. Sharks (1, -2.33)

9-12 Bracket
1. Panthers (0.66, 0.45)
2. Tigers Dothraki (0, -1.68)
3. PSA (0, -4.93)
4. Atlantic 7s (0, -7.54)

Fixtures for the play-off rounds are on the schedule page.