As of November 25 2018

Group A: NSK, Royal Challengers, Lions, BD Tigers Green 

Group B: Avengers, Rising Stars, Avalon CC, St John’s United

Group C: Eagles, Sharks, PSA, BD Tigers Red

After round robin:

A championship: Avengers, Royal Challengers, PSA, NSK

B championship: Avalon CC, Rising Stars, BD Red, Eagles

C Championship: Lions, Sharks, BD Gree, St John’s United
Indoor rules – Fall 2018

12 NSK  RC  
1 Lions BD Green  
2 Avengers Rising Stars  
3 ACC St.John’s United  
4 Eagles PSA  
5 Sharks BD Red  
12 NSK Lions  
1 BD Green RC  
2 Avengers ACC  
3 PSA BD Red  
4 Eagles Shark  
5 St.John’s United Rising Stars  
8 RC Lions  
12 Avengers St.John’s United  
1 PSA Sharks  
2 NSK BD Green  
3 Eagles BD Red  
7 Rising Stars ACC  
7pm ACC v Rising Stars Royal Challengers v PSA  
8pm Avengers v NSK BD Red v Eagles  
9pm BD Green v St John’s United Lions v Sharks  
1 Dec      
7pm C bronze – Sharks v St Johns United B bronze – ACC v Eagles  
8pm A bronze – NSK v Royal Challengers  C champ – Lions v BD Green  
9pm B champ – Rising Stars v BD Red  A champ – Avengers v PSA  

Semi finals match-ups will be based on team rankings – best team versus 4th best, 2nd v 3rd. For example, in the A championship the highest ranked first-place team (based on points, then net run rate) will play the lowest ranked team.