With registration closed we have a record 13 teams entered for Fall League. They will play in four groups, followed by a play-off round.
Group A: Avengers, Sharks, Tigers Dothraki
Group B: Royal Challengers, PSA, Gladiators
Group C: NSK, Tigers Green, Atlantic’s 7
Group D: Lions, Tigers Flames, Avalon CC, St. John’s Panthers

Draft schedule:

19-Oct 12:00 PM Lions Panthers
  1:00 PM Tigers Flames Avalon CC
  2:00 PM Avengers Sharks
  3:00 PM Royal Challengers PSA
  4:00 PM NSK Atlantic’s 7
02-Nov 7:00 PM Lions Avalon CC
  7:00 PM Tigers Flames Panthers
  8:00 PM Tigers Green Atlantic’s 7
  8:00 PM Tigers Dothraki Sharks
  9:00 PM RC Gladiators
09-Nov 12:00 PM Avalon CC Panthers
  1:00 PM Avengers Tigers Dothraki
  2:00 PM Gladiators PSA
  3:00 PM NSK Tigers Green
  4:00 PM Lions Tigers Flames
16-Nov 11:00 AM Tigers Dothraki v PSA
  12:00 PM Panthers v Atlantic’s 7
  1:00 PM Gladiators  NSK
  2:00 PM Avalon  Sharks
  3:00 PM Avengers  Tigers Flames
  4:00 PM Tigers Green  Royal Challengers
30-Nov 11:00 AM PSA  Atlantics 7
  12:00 PM Panthers  Tigers Dothraki
  1:00 PM Gladiators  Sharks
  2:00 PM NSK  Avalon CC
  3:00 PM Royal Challengers v Avengers
  4:00 PM Tigers Green v Tigers Flames

Rules and playing conditions

Note there are significant changes to the playing conditions. The league committee has developed rule modifications, designed to improve the experience of all players, and assist in player development. They are:-
– Any batsman who reaches or passes a score of 35 runs must retire and can only resume their innings at the fall of the last wicket
– A batsman must face at least 2 balls before retiring; if a player cannot bat, the team loses 2 balls before any retired batsman can resume their innings
– Shots that hit the sidewall or curtain automatically score 2 runs, with any runs completed added to this. Shots that hit the back wall (behind the wicket) can score runs only by the bats completing a run.