We would like to invite teams to participate in the Fall indoor tournament. Please note the following:
• The deadline to get your teams registered will be 5 PM on the 8th of Nov
• For each game a team can field 6 players. I.e this will be 6 a side tournament conducted in the MUN basketball location
• If someone does not have a team but would still like to participate please reach out to NLCA, we will try to either create a separate team (if there are adequate members) or try to slot the individuals in other teams that need players
• The fee per player for the entire Fall tournament will be $ 10
• We would expect each team to appoint a point person as the main contact. The point person can be the captain if required. The point person will be responsible to pay  tournament fees upfront to NLCA.
• Once we receive the information on the number of teams we will finalize the schedule, draws and the tournament format. Currently we are planning to start around mid-November.
• Once we have all the teams we intend to have a meeting with all the team captains/team contact and discuss the tournament rules, obtain feedback and establish the rules and conditions
• Please use the following email ID for your communication with regards to submitting your team information: cricketnewfoundland@gmail.com