Avengers- A champions

The Cricket NL Winter League came to an exciting conclusion on Saturday as the Avengers defended a total of 59 to defeat NSK by just three runs. NSK won the toss and chose to bowl. The Avengers got off to a solid start taking 28 runs from the first two overs, but then Rakesh Negi has Maanik Arora bowled, then the dangerous Rahul Vashishtha (26) stumped in his first over. The Avengers struggled against excellent bowling from Negi, Nick Baxter and Neelav Dewan, and their final total of 59 looked below par. The Avengers fought back thanks to a top spell of bowling from Shami Khan well assisted by Maanik Arora and Rahul Vashishtha. League top run scorer Rakesh Negi was well caught, but  solid innings from Abhishek Doshi and Raga Ganesan kept NSK in the chase. The game came down to the final over – with 11 needed from two balls Raga Ganesan hit a six, leaving four to tie off the last ball. NSK managed just one, leaving the Avengers champions.

The Royal Challengers finished third with a comfortable win over the Lions.
The Eagles took the B championship with a win over Tigers Green, with PSA winning a high scoring match over Tigers Yellow by 7 runs.
Eagles-Tigers card
PSA-Tigers card

Tigers Red took the C championship, beating the Sharks in their final match, and Avalon CC placed second, with their first win.
Sharks Tigers scorecard
Avalon CC – Sharks card

Akashdeep Singh was named best bowler, Rahul Vashishtha best bat, and Rakesh Negi tournament MVP.

Video with A bronze, B championship, and some of A championship, plus awards

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