Dave Liverman will be leading high performance training over the off-season months this year. The programme will be based on the drills and exercises that form part of the Cricket Canada high performance training programme. Sessions will consist of a combination of fitness work and skill development. Skill development works mainly on fundamentals, and will benefit cricketers of a wide range of abilities, despite the emphasis on high performance, The training is open to all interested in improving their cricket; participants must however commit to all aspects of the programme. Those interested in representing the province are strongly encouraged to attend.

The initial session will be held at Wishingwell nets on Wednesday August 31st, 6:30-7:30, where Dave will introduce the programme and drills and discuss plans. Sessions will continue outside as long as weather allows, then switch to gym work later in the year. The sessions will be held weekly, and once participants have committed we will adjust days and times to maximise participation.

There is no cost initially, to allow members to determine if the programme is right for them, but from October onwards, a small charge will be levied to help cover costs of equipment.