The managers agreed upon the following umpires and will provide them with 100% support on the field.
Champions: Maula, Ali, Shaifan, Gurman, Kamal, Ayaz
Thunderboltz : Kathir, KK, Kranthi Chitran Pawan
SuperKings: Rakesh, Ashwin, Prateek, Sentill, Bharat, Kavish
Match fees are waived for the umpires on any day they officiate. Teams are also responsible for scoring; they can supply a separate scorer or have the umpires score.

Team managers and captains have agreed that no player is to be no-balled for an illegal delivery in league matches. If an umpire has doubts about the legality of any bowler’s delivery they should report it to the committee so if necessary the coach can work with that player to deal with any issue.

The managers agreed to improve communication with brief meetings on the field to deal with issues such as scoring, pitch preparation etc. The Cricket NL board would only become involved if issues cannot be resolved

A formal discipline policy and code in conduct will be put in place as soon as possible, to be approved at the AGM and applied to all players. This makes dealing with discipline issues clear and transparent, and all will understand their responsibilities and process for dealing with problems. It was agreed that captains and managers must take responsibility for their teams to avoid any issues and there is no tolerance for breaches of the code.