The teams have been decided. We will play our first match this Sunday at 11:30 am. The players and volunteers are supposed to be at the field by 10:00 am to help us out setup – more the hands, the faster it’ll be. We have made two new teams, so team managers can choose whatever names they feel like or keep the old one and captains can remain the same or change at the discretion of the team. Next year when we commence the 20-20 league we would have the same team composition for all the three teams as it was in the previous 20-20 league.

The two teams are as follows:

Team A Team B Saad Kareem Kavish Ayaz Sentill Penchal Tapan Gurman Kamal Nath Kathir Bharat Maula Rakesh (Team Manager)
KK (Team Manager)
Shaifan Surya Ashwin Shameem Nagesh Chitran Alex Niteen Manveer Sarvanna Ranjith Luft Kranthi Mark Asim Prateek Subhav