In the final league match of the summer, Shamrocks batted first and scored 65 all out and Terra Novas fell 25 runs short.
Some excellent performances: Rishi 18 with two excellent catches. Sentill took 4 wickets. Rahul and Dhrumit complete bowled well once again for Terranovas. Sarvanna took 3 and Talha took two wickets for Shamrocks.
Man of the Match M- Rakesh Negi with 17 and 3 wickets.

Shamrocks won the best of 11 series 6-2 and are the 2014 League Champions.

August 30 match

The match was reduced to 15 overs each side
Shamrocks batted first and scored 95. Asim-28, Amit 23, Negi 21 (not out).
Terra Novas 65 all out, Gurman 31, Kangai and Purvi 3 wickets each.
MOM- Amit for his all round performance for 23 and 1 wicket.