The T20 Summer League concluded on September 15

2019 Summer League Rules 


Day Date Time Team 1 Team 2      
Sat 08-Jun  Scorecard Avengers 95/3 Newfoundland Tigers 92/7      
Sat 08-Jun  Scorecard Royal Challengers 101/9 Newfoundland Super Kings 102/6      
Sat 15-Jun Scorecard Newfoundland Tigers 176/4 Eagles 183/8      
Sat 15-Jun Scorecard Avengers 258/7 Royal Challengers 132/9      
Sun 16-Jun Scorecard Newfoundland Tigers 42 Newfoundland Super Kings 43/0      
Sat 22-Jun Scorecard Royal Challengers 78 all out Eagles 79/4      
Sat 22-Jun Scorecard Avengers 206 Newfoundland Super Kings 98/4      
Sun 23-Jun Scorecard Newfoundland Tigers 151/5 Royal Challengers 165/5      
Sat 29-Jun Scorecard Newfoundland Tigers 117 all out Royal Challengers 118/8      
Sat 29-Jun Scorecard Newfoundland Super Kings 161/6 Eagles 116 all out      
Sun 30-Jun Scorecard Avengers 229/6 Royal Challengers 100/9      
Sat 06-Jul Scorecard Royal Challengers 146/7 Newfoundland Super Kings 149/2      
Sat 06-Jul Scorecard Avengers 186/5 Eagles 121/7      
    Scorecard Newfoundland Tigers 145/5 Newfoundland Super Kings 155/5      
Sat 13-Jul Scorecard Royal Challengers 97 all out Eagles 123/8      
Sat 13-Jul Scorecard Avengers 283/1 Newfoundland Tigers 123/8      
Sat 27-Jul Scorecard Newfoundland Super Kings 172/5 Eagles 121/9    
Sat 27-Jul Scorecard Avengers 212/9 Royal Challengers 140/5      
Sun 28-Jul Scorecard Newfoundland Tigers 133/7 Eagles 169/5      
Sat 03-Aug Scorecard NSK 146/5 Royal Challengers 145  40 overs    
Sun 04-Aug Report Harbour Grace match        
Sat 10-Aug Scorecard Avengers 124 Newfoundland Super Kings 125/3      
Sun 11-Aug Scorecard Avengers 289 Royal Challengers 180 40 overs    
Sat 17-Aug Scorecard Avengers 147/8 Newfoundland Tigers 146/6      
Sat 17-Aug Scorecard Royal Challengers 126/5 Eagles 125      
Sun 18-Aug Scorecard Newfoundland Tigers 159/5 Eagles 100      
Sat 24-Aug Scorecard Avengers 144/7 Newfoundland Super Kings 145/6      
Sat 24-Aug Scorecard Newfoundland Tigers 138/8 Royal Challengers 108/6      
Sun 25-Aug Scorecard Newfoundland Super Kings 118/4 Eagles 114/9      
Sat 31-Aug Scorecard Avengers 137/9 Eagles 101      
Sat 31-Aug Scorecard Newfoundland Super Kings 134/5 Newfoundland Tigers 133/5      
Sun 01-Sep Scorecard Avengers 351/4 NSK 94 40 overs    
Mon 02-Sep Scorecard Eagles 127  Avengers 240/2      
Sat 07-Sep Scorecard NSK 175/6  RC 110      
Sat 07-Sep Scorecard Saini Cup -1  Avengers beat NSK by 7 wickets      
Sat 14-Sep Scorecard Saini – Game 2  Avengers beat NSK by 33 runs      
Sat 14-Sep Scorecard Herringshaw Cup Royal Challengers beat Eagles by 5 wickets       


Friday responsibilities

  • Mowing field using lawn tractor (inner circle with hand mower if possible).
  • Ensuring that the grass belonging to the SPCA is cut.
  • Ensuring that lawn tractor is left full of gas and replenishing gas if gas can is empty.
  • Ensuring creases are properly marked.
  • Repairing and rolling bowler’s run up areas if required.
  • Failure to perform this work without good reason may result in fines of up to $50 being imposed by the league committee.

Set up responsibilities (should be complete 15 minutes before scheduled start):

  • Ensuring boundary markers are out
  • Marking 30 yard circle with mower or otherwise
  • Pitching stumps, ensuring chalk is present to mark guard, sweeping mat if required
  • Ensuring kit is present
  • Ensuring tablet and charger are at ground, charged and available
  • Setting up scoreboard

Tear down responsibilities:-

  • Collecting boundary markers and stumps, storing in shed
  • Checking and packing kit, storing in shed or making other arrangements
  • Collecting tablet, and uploading matches to CricHq as soon as possible
  • Ensuring RCAF is cleared up and free of garbage
  • Storing scoreboard in shed
  • Ensuring shed is tidy and secure