Statistics from the Summer League- those from games not scored electronically should be considered approximate! Congratulations to Rahul Vashisht who was top run scorer and second in wickets taken.

2014 T20 Statistics, Cricket NL Summer League
Includes all league matches
Top wicket takers
Rakesh Negi Shamrocks 13
Senthill Selvamani Terra Novas 12
Rahul Vashisht Terra Novas 11
Neelav Dhawan Shamrocks 10
Saravana Kumar Shamrocks 9
Hummam Terra Novas 8
Nadeem Saqlain Terra Novas 7
Average (qualification 8 overs)
Manveer Singh Terra Novas 4.00
Neelav Dhawan Shamrocks 6.40
Senthill Selvamani Terra Novas 8.25
Nadeem Saqlain Terra Novas 8.43
Rahul Vashisht Terra Novas 8.73
Kangai Shamrocks 9.50
Hummam Terra Novas 9.75
Rakesh Negi Shamrocks 10.30
Saravana Kumar Shamrocks 10.78
Talha Riaz Shamrocks 11.75
Taha Sheik Terra Novas 12.00
note: due to incomplete scoring averages are approximate
Economy (qualification 8 overs)
Neelav Dhawan Shamrocks 2.91
Kangai Shamrocks 2.92
Manveer Singh Terra Novas 3.00
Rahul Vashisht Terra Novas 3.39
Saravana Kumar Shamrocks 3.46
Senthill Selvamani Terra Novas 3.88
Hummam Terra Novas 4.11
Rakesh Negi Shamrocks 4.12
Kaivallya Kulkarni Shamrocks 4.55
note: due to incomplete scoring economy rates are approximate
Rahul Vashisht Terra Novas 208
Rakesh Negi Shamrocks 121
Gurman Khurana Terra Novas 80
Kaivallya Kulkarni Shamrocks 61
Kranthi Kumar Shamrocks 46
Hummam Terra Novas 41
Amit Sundly Shamrocks 37
Senthill Selvamani Terra Novas 30
Zain Waseem Shamrocks 29
Saqib Jalees Shamrocks 29
Bharat Shetty Terra Novas 28
Rahul Vashisht Terra Novas 34.67
Rakesh Negi Shamrocks 20.17
Gurman Khurana Terra Novas 20.00
Asim Kamran Shamrocks 20.00
Rishi Shamrocks 17.00
Kaivallya Kulkarni Shamrocks 15.25
O Anwar Terra Novas 12.00
Zain Waseem Shamrocks 9.67
Saqib Jalees Shamrocks 9.67
Bharat Shetty Terra Novas 9.33
Hummam Terra Novas 8.20
Taha Sheik Terra Novas 8.00
Kranthi Kumar Shamrocks 7.67
Amit Sundly Shamrocks 7.40
Manveer Singh Terra Novas 6.33