There are two main thoroughfares in downtown St John’s: Water Street and Duckworth Street. The former takes its name from the perpetual precipitation that renders it sub-aquatic for nine months of the year, whilst the latter commemorates the region’s former love of resolving rain-affected cricket matches using complex statistical analyses. And if you believe either of those explanations, you’re dafter than the great Phil Tufnell.

I was feeling pretty Tufnell-esque one day last summer after popping into the record shop on Duckworth Street. Fred’s is a treasure trove of musical delights, and with Celtic connections aplenty round these parts, I convinced myself they’d definitely be selling a new Irish album, especially as it contained in its name the very street that Fred’s is on. I couldn’t find it in the aisles, however, so I walked up to the till to enquire.

“Do you have The Duckworth-Lewis Method, please?” I asked. The guy looked at me rather oddly.
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