There are ten teams entered into Winter league. The tournament will therefore be played with two groups of five, each playing a round-robin, with finals between first in one group against first in the other, 2nd v 2nd etc. Each team will have five matches. Groups were formed by placing the 1st/3rd/5th/7th/9th ranked teams from Fall League into one group and 2nd/4th/6th/8th/10th ranked teams in the other. 

Group A Group B
Tigers Green Tigers Flames
Avengers RC
NSK Avalon
Dothraki Tigers Panthers
Salty Sirens PSA

The tournament fee will be $300 if paid by February 21st, with an additional $30 if not paid until March 6th, the final deadline. 

All players and captains should be familiar with the tournament rules, slightly modified from Fall League. Any changes to schedule or concerns in regard to rules should be discussed with the league committee.

Winter league rules 2020

Final fixtures- please contact Hassan Gafoor or Cricket NL if there are any concerns with these; there will be no modifications after this weekend.

date Time Team 1 Team 2
22-Feb 11 Tigers Green NSK
  12 Avengers Dothraki Tigers
  1 Dothraki Tigers Salty Sirens
  2 Panthers PSA
  3 Tigers Flames Avalon
  4 Tigers Green Salty Sirens
  7 Tigers Flames PSA
  8 RC Panthers
29-Feb 2 Avengers Salty Sirens
  3 RC PSA
  4 Tigers Flames Panthers
  7 RC Avalon
  8 Tigers Green Dothraki Tigers
  9 Avengers NSK
07-Mar 7 NSK SS
  7 Avalon Panthers
  8 Tigers Green Avengers
  8 Tigers Flames RC
  9 PSA Avalon
  9 NSK Dothraki Tigers
21-Mar 11 5th v 5th  
  12 4th v 4th  
  1 3rd v 3rd  
  2 2nd v 2nd  
  3 Championship game
  4 awards