Group A Group B Group C  
Avengers Sharks NSK  
BD Tigers St. John’s VII Lions  
PSA Avalon CC Mun Vikings  
MUN Riders Allstars Royal Challengers  
03-Mar Home Away Umpires – scorers
10-11 am Avengers BD Tigers Sharks/ St. John’s VI
11-12pm Sharks St. John’s VII Avengers/ BD Tigers
12-1pm NSK Lions PSA/MUN Riders
1-2pm PSA Mun Riders NSK/Lions
2-3pm ACC Allstars Vikings/ Royal Challengers
3-4pm Vikings Royal Challengers ACC/Allstars
6-7 pm Avengers PSA NSK/Vikings
6-7pm Sharks ACC BD Tigers/ MUN Riders
7-8pm NSK Vikings Avengers/PSA
7-8pm BD Tigers Mun Riders Sharks/ACC
8-9pm St. John’s VII Allstars Lions/ Challengers
9-10pm Lions Royal Challengers St. John’s/Allstars
12-1pm Avengers Mun Riders Shakrs/Allstars
1-2pm Sharks Allstars Avengers/ MUN Riders
2-3pm NSK Royal Challengers PSA/BD Tigers
3-4pm BD Tigers PSA NSK/RC
4-5 pm St. John’s VII ACC Lions/ Vikings
5-6pm Lions Vikings ACC/ St. John’s
Ranking of teams based on points, then Net Run Rate
A Championship    
Winners of groups, plus best 2nd place team
B Championship    
2nd and 3rd ranked 2nd place teams, plus top 2 3rd place teams
C Championship    
3rd ranked 3rd place team plus 4th place teams
31-Mar semi-finals    
12-1pm 1st C 4th C teams in 1 pm match
1-2pm 1st B 4th B teams in 12 pm match
2-3pm 1st A 4th A teams in 4 pm match
2-3pm 2nd C 3rd C teams in 4 pm match
3-4pm 2nd B 3rd B teams in 3 pm match
3-4pm 2nd A 3rd A teams in 3 pm match
07-Apr finals    
10-11 am C 3rd/ 4th place match TBA
11-12pm B 3rd/ 4th place match  
12-1pm A 3rd/ 4th place match  
1-2pm C Championship match  
2-3pm B Championship match  
3-4pm A Championship match