Update: Saturday’s matches are postponed due to weather and will be played on February 4.
The remainder of team fees must be paid by February 1st.

As of January 18
Group A: PSA, Lions, Avalon CC, Avengers
Group B: Newfoundland Super Kings, Superstars, Royal Challengers

Jan 21: – postponed to February 4
12 pm PSA v Lions
1 pm NSK v Superstars

Jan 22:
10 am: NSK beat Royal Challengers
11 am: PSA lost to Avalon CC
12 pm: Lions lost to Avengers

Jan 29
10 am: PSA lost to Avengers
11 am: Superstars beat Royal Challengers
12 pm: Lions beat Avalon CC

Feb 4:
2 pm: Avalon lost to Avengers
3 pm PSA lost to Lions
4 pm NSK beat Superstars

February 5
10 am: Plate – Avalon vs Royal Challengers
11 am: Semi final 1 -Avengers vs Superstars
12 pm: Semi final 2 – NSK vs Lions

February 26
9 am: Plate: PSA vs Royal Challengers
10 am: Plate: PSA v Avalon
11 am: Bronze medal game
12 pm: Final