NL Avengers was founded in 2014 when Cricket NL moved to a club structure. Initially, all those that didn’t have a club to play regardless of skills joined NL Avengers. From inception, we have grown as a team and added new values along the way based on our experiences. We are still a band of misfits but have an unyielding spirit on the field and brotherhood off the field. We have been successful across all formats in the past few years because of following our team values and creating a culture for maximizing potential.We are humbled by the success we have achieved and every Avenger respects the work done by our fellow members behind the scenes.
Our Values are:
1. Team Player (We before Me)
2. Earn your place (On or off the field)
3. Merit (Players selected on skill/ team player qualities)
Our Mission is:
  • To grow NL Avenger membership and promote the club.
  • To participate in leagues and promote healthy competition and respect for others.
If anyone would like to find out more they can go to our Facebook page ( or follow us on Twitter ( To join our club please email

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The Avengers club has decided to not field teams in 2020, and encourages players to join other clubs



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