The Superkings name has been around since 2011- the St. John’s Superkings were part of our first outdoor league. This was in the period before club cricket was established in the league, and players were distributed amongst teams. The Newfoundland Super Kings really came into being in 2015 when the club system became established – at least five of their players in their first match are still representing the team today. In 2016, the Superkings joined forces with the Tigers to play as the Stallions in Summer League, but from 2017 onwards the Superkings have competed with success in Summer and indoor leagues.
The team is inclusive and diverse, and welcomes players of all ages and origins. Selection is ability based but experience has shown us all players will get an opportunity in the course of the season.

Please contact us if you want to play cricket in a welcoming, friendly, but competitive team.

Contact- Rakesh Negi for more information

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