To ensure that members play and practice safely, Cricket NL has purchased a basic set of protective equipment (pads, gloves, helmets and thigh pads) for use by teams entered in the Summer League, and the provincial team. The kit will be available during Summer League matches and can be signed out for practice by teams registered for the Summer League. Prior to Summer League registration the kit will be made available to teams provided they pay a deposit of $100 to Cricket NL. The team to which it is signed out to is responsible for ensuring that it is available to other teams, and is at the ground prior to any league matches. They are also responsible for any lost or missing items – the kit should be inventoried, and checked prior to any hand over. Please note that teams and players are responsible for providing their own bats. The kit can be picked up from Dave or Gurman or Rahul and dropped back after use on the same day.
The equipment consists of:-
4 pairs pads
4 pairs gloves (one left hand)
2 helmets
2 thigh pads
keeper gloves and inners
kit bag