The Summer League Committee 2023 recently announced the schedule for the Summer League 2023 tournaments, including the F40 and T20 tournaments. The announcement was made during a captains meeting held on May 7, 2023.

The T20 league will feature 9 teams, with each team playing against each other once, followed by 4 randomly assigned games, resulting in a total of 12 games. The top two teams will then play in a qualifier, followed by an eliminator between the 3rd and 4th placed teams. The losing team of Qualifier 1 will then play against the winning team of the Eliminator in another qualifier.

In the F40 league, 8 teams have been divided into two groups: Group 1 includes Tigers, Stars, Lions, and Eagles, while Group 2 includes Wolves, Hurricanes, Panthers, and Mavericks. The top two teams from each group will qualify for the semi-finals.

The full schedule for both tournaments is provided below.

Date Day F40 (Sunday) T20 Game 1 (Morning) T20 Game 2 (Afternoon) T20 Game 3 (Evening) Set Up Tear Down
May 27, 2023 Saturday Maverics vs Panthers Hurricanes vs Stars NSK vs Lions Panthers Lions
May 28, 2023 Sunday Eagles vs Tigers Hurricanes vs Wolves Eagles Hurricanes
June 3, 2023 Saturday Wolves vs Stars Tigers vs Eagles NSK vs Maverics Stars Maverics
June 4, 2023 Sunday Hurricanes vs Wolves Lions vs Panthers Wolves Lions
June 10, 2023 Saturday Tigers vs Maverics NSK vs Panthers Wolves vs Lions Tigers Wolves
June 11, 2023 Sunday Stars vs Eagles Tigers Vs Hurricanes Stars Hurricanes
June 17, 2023 Saturday Maverics vs Hurricanes NSK vs Tigers Eagles vs Wolves Maverics Wolves
June 18, 2023 Sunday Maverics vs Panthers Stars vs Lions Panthers Stars
June 24, 2023 Saturday Stars vs NSK Panthers vs Wolves Maverics vs Eagles NSK Eagles
June 25, 2023 Sunday Wolves vs Panthers Tigers vs Lions Wolves Tigers
July 1, 2023 Saturday Panthers vs Hurricanes Reserve T20 Eastern Canada Eagles Maverics
July 2, 2023 Sunday Lions vs Stars Reserve T20 Eastern Canada Lions Stars
July 3, 2023 Monday Panthers vs Eagles Lions vs Maverics Reserve T20 Eastern Canada (Canada Day) Panthers Hurricanes
July 8, 2023 Saturday NSK vs Hurricanes Wolves vs Tigers Stars vs Eagles NSK Eagles
July 9, 2023 Sunday Hurricanes vs Maverics Panthers vs Stars Nationals Maverics Stars
July 15, 2023 Saturday Hurricanes vs Lions Reserve T20 Reserve T20 Nationals Lions Hurricanes
July 16, 2023 Sunday Tigers vs Stars Eagles vs Lions Stars Eagles
July 22, 2023 Saturday Panthers vs Tigers Wolves vs NSK Stars vs Maverics Tigers Maverics
July 23, 2023 Sunday Eagles vs Lions Panthers vs Hurricanes Eagles Panthers
July 29, 2023 Saturday Tigers vs Stars Maverics vs Wolves NSK vs Eagles Stars NSK
July 30, 2023 Sunday Tigers vs Lions Eagles vs Hurricanes << END OF ROUND 1 Lions Eagles
August 2, 2023 Wednesday Reserve Day Regatta Day
August 5, 2023 Saturday C vs D G vs I A vs B ROUND 2
August 6, 2023 Sunday Wolves vs Maverics Reserve T20
August 12, 2023 Saturday E vs F A vs I G vs H
August 13, 2023 Sunday A vs C D vs E F vs G
August 19, 2023 Saturday F vs H B vs I C vs E
August 20, 2023 Sunday B vs D E vs G H vs I