The fall league moved into the play-off stages on Saturday. In the championship bracket both Tigers teams won their semi finals, making an all Tigers final.
Tigers Flames upset the Avengers, limiting the Avengers to 84, Arif Rehamn taking 2 wickets, then making the required runs with 2 wickets and 3 balls in hand, Abid Hasan top-scoring with 33.
Tigers Green made 111/2, with Tanmoy Yuvraj making 33, and Mobashir 25, then bowled out Royal Challengers for 51, Indranil Malik taking 3 wickets.

In the 9th to 12th place bracket, Tigers Dothraki won by default over PSA, and the Panthers had a big win over Altantics 7. Jammu Mehtab made 37* for the Panthers and Nethmini Hapuarachchige 17* for Atlantics 7.

In the 5th-8th place games, NSK defeated the Glaciators in the last over by 3 wickets. Captain Talha Riaz led the way with an unbeaten 36. They will meet Avalon CC in the 5th-6th place game, who beat the Sharks by 3 wickets.
Gladiators-NSK card
Avalon-Sharks card