We will have a Fall League starting in October, running through to November. This will be held at the Powerplex, Crosbie Road. This facility costs $80/ hour to rent so to cover costs, registration fees are set at $250/ team.
The first matches will be on October 7 and 8th. Therefore there is a deadline of October 4th to enter a team – please e-mail us at cricketnewfoundland@gmail.com if you intend to enter. We hope to have eight teams, which will guarantee every team 5 matches. Any new players, or players looking for a team should contact us and we’ll try to help you find a match.
The facility is booked for the following times:-
Oct 7 2-6 pm
Oct 8 2-6 pm
Oct 21 5-9 pm
Nov 18 4-8 pm
Nov 25 5-9pm

Indoor rules