The 2017 Indoor Cricket League will start Saturday, October 7 at 2 PM at the Powerplex. We have 7 teams registered for the league.
This time all the 7 teams will play against each other in a round-robin format, so that every team will get 6 games equally.
In the opening game of the season, defending champions Avengers will play against the runners-up of last season, Newfoundland Super Kings.
Please see the schedule for this weekend’s games:
Saturday: October 7
2 pm – NL Avengers vs Newfoundland Super Kings
3 pm – Newfie Knight Riders vs Sharks
4 pm – NL Avengers vs PSA
5 pm – Avalon Cricket Club vs Royal Challengers
Sunday: October 8
2 pm – Newfie Knight Riders vs Newfoundland Super Kings
3 pm – PSA vs Avalon Cricket Club
4 pm – Sharks vs NL Avengers
5 pm – PSA vs Royal Challengers
PS. Teams please be there at the venue at least 15 minutes before the game starts. We need 1 player from each team of the first match to umpire for the next game.