Cricket Newfoundland and Labrador proudly unveils the “Gallery of Greats”—an esteemed hall of fame. Inaugurating this hallowed space, we honor our very own late David Liverman, a true pioneer and the first inductee, whose contributions for cricket echo across the world.

Known as “@WGG” during CricInfo’s early internet days, Liverman, a geology professor and influential figure in Canadian cricket, left an indelible mark. His pivotal role in CricInfo’s formative years, creative contributions like the Sydney scoreboard-inspired homepage menu, and unwavering dedication to cricket in Canada make him a true giant in our cricketing history. Beyond the web, Liverman’s passion extended to teaching cricket in the Canadian outback, and he even became Newfoundland’s first paid cricket professional. As we honor his legacy, our thoughts are with his family—wife Sandra, daughter Beth, and siblings Diana and Michael. Let us remember and celebrate David Liverman’s extraordinary contributions to cricket.

David Gordon

Cricket Newfoundland and Labrador