It only seemed like a short while ago when on a cold day in June a group of NLCA members (Moula, Nasir, Saad, Shaifan, Rakesh, Luftor and I) got together to help Kathir create the batting cage and deploy the practice nets. The group was in high spirits, jokes were exchanged and while the work was ultimately done with minimum tools and skills (with the exception of Kathir), NLCA continued to create history. Big thanks to them. The pictures you see will be sent to NL historical archives and as cricket continues to develop in NL and more people embrace the sport this step will be a key corner stone.
While a slightly altered version of the group (Saad, Kavish, Kathir, Rakesh and I) returned to the same site to dismantle and remove the batting cage and the cricket Flicx wicket, the mood was somber. Understandably the wonderful summer season has come to an end. Only then it dawned upon me the fact that outdoor cricket has concluded for 2012. Wow! Then my phone buzzed and my wife was wondering where I vanished for 4 hours and that 20 people are waiting at my home and the pooja was almost over and yada yada, I hung up the phone and I turned back and looked at the center of the ground and recollected some of the close games between the 3 of the teams from the summer league and said to myself it will not be long before we will have more hat-tricks and centuries. The NL Champions will continue their hunt, the SuperKings will continue to roar and the Thunderboltz will continue to strike with lightning. The game will go on…before we realize it will soon be summer 2013.
Cheers, Sentill
PS: A big thanks to Kathir for helping us, Dave for providing a storage space for the Flicx wickets and a special thanks to Saad and Kavish for their help in spite of their mid-term exams.

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