The teams for the Summer League 2012 have been selected (revised as of June 9). There are players under the ‘irregulars’ category assigned to every team. These players have informed us that they will not be able to play regularly and might have to skip certain weekends. We have also assigned a Team Manager for every team. The Team Manager will be responsible for collecting match fees before each of the games and also be the communication channel between the association and the team. The captain of the team will be decided by the players of the team themselves.

All the three teams will be playing a match this coming Saturday, June 9th, 2012. Players should come prepared to pay a match fee of $5/ game, plus membership fees ($20) and forms
Teams follow:

Newfoundland Champions Thunderbolts St. John’s Superkings
Maula ( Manager) Kathir Rakesh
Ayaz KK (Manager) Sentill
Gurman Waqas Hanif
Kamal Shammem Kavish
Nasir Pawan Manveer
Luft Kranthi Bharat
Shakeel Jivy Prateek (Manager)
Faisal Ahmed Karim Alex
Shaifan Chtiran Vasudev Saad Mohammed
Ali Dawood Alpesh Asim
Saqueeb Surya Ashwin
Talha Riaz Sarvanna Ranjith
Aditya Johar Subhav Damian
Kamal Choudhary Tapan Waqas Ali
Mizaan Nicholas Baxter
Abbas Irregulars
Neelav Penchal Readdy
Anuj Charan Eldho Nikunj
David L Pat
Mursalin Sridhar Sehjot
Ramsai Rakesh Thorat Rajender

· No arguments or disrespect to match officials will be tolerated at all. Strict actions will be taken which can lead to suspension of a player for a match or for the entire league depending on the offense committed.

· 15 Minutes break between each innings and 5 minutes break after 10 overs.

· Bowling Team gets 1 hr. 20 min to finish each innings. If you take more than 1.30 min then the team will be fined runs/overs.

· Any ball which does not bounce or stays really low will be declared a dead ball.

· If the ball is pitched before the mat it would be called a dead ball but if its outside the mat on the sides it would be a no-ball.

· Super over if the match is tied.

· Each bowler is allowed maximum of 4 overs.

· Max of 2 fielders allowed for the first 6 overs. Minimum of 4 fielders inside the 30 yard circle after first 6 overs.

· Bowler will not be permitted to bowl for rest of the match if he bowls two beamers.

Please note that there maybe addition or subtraction of players in these squads but there’s no scope of swapping players amongst the teams.