An epochal weekend, on which Newfoundland & Labrador lost both their games but took a hat-trick and picked up a Man-of-the-Match prize
Two weeks after it took place, I’m sure you’ve heard enough about the major cricketing event of the weekend of August 28th-29th. It’s not as if there was anything else going on in the sport that could have distracted you. Still, just in case you don’t know what happened in the Maritimes Twenty20 competition in Fredericton, New Brunswick, here’s a quick run-through of the key moments.

I’m pleased to say that Cricket Newfoundland & Labrador managed to get the four players needed to turn our seven into an XI. To the men immortalised in the last postcard were added two more Newfoundlanders, Steve Brown and Dave Murphy, and two scholars from the University of New Brunswick, Jeff Mott and Abhishek Kar.
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