Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers, and supported by a grants from the Provincial Government Community Healthy Living Fund, we now have portable nets available at RCAF.

The Cricket Programmes committee has determined the following schedule for access to RCAF as the season approaches:-

May 5-9: Clubs may book 2 hour slots for fielding practice through the Whatsapp group. Absolutely no use of the pitch or nets permitted, and all activity should take place outside of the 30 yard circle. Two clubs may practice at any one time, using different sides of the field.

May 10 to start of season:
Protection of the run-up areas is a high priority in early season. The grass needs time to grow and establish and over-use could cause permanent damage.

– Nets may only be used if the field is dry; bookings may be cancelled at any time at sole discretion of the Cricket Programmes committee.
– If it appears that nets use is resulting in damage, access may be suspended.
– Any unauthorised use will result in loss of access for 14 days minimum.
– Clubs may book 2 slots/ week using the nets booking Whatsapp group; no additional slots may be booked even if the nets are not being used unless the club’s slot was cancelled due to weather..
– Slots are for 2 hours during the day and on weekends, 90 minutes on weekday evenings (5:30 pm to 7; 7-8:30 pm).
– Clubs must supply their own stumps
– Nets should be used from alternate ends; if on the previous use the club bowled from the SPCA end, they should bowl from the road end on their next use.
– 5 or 6 people are needed to move the nets and this should be done with care.
– Nets can be left over the pitch after use until season starts

May 29 onwards
Only weekday bookings accepted; availability dependent on other users (provincial team, junior programme, Salt Water Sirens). One booking/ club/ week.

All COVID protocols must be strictly followed.
– Those not actively taking part (not bowling or batting) should wear masks. Hand sanitizer must be available and used.
– Shared equipment must be cleaned with an appropriate disinfectant between uses. – Social distancing to be respected as far as possible.
– Maximum of four bowlers and two batsmen in net area at any one time. Others must be socially distant.
– Clubs must provide a list of participants within 24 hours of use.

Failure to follow COVID protocols will result in immediate loss of access for 14 days- no warnings will be issued.