Cricket NL board hopes that a proactive approach and detailed planning on the selection process for the Eastern tournament  will benefit our team and improve our chances of winning. To this end, the board on Sunday 29th, 2017 formed a selection committee consisting of 3 members of the board namely Dave Liverman, Gurman Khurana & Provincial captain (TBD).

Additionally, the board has adopted changes in the fitness requirements to the selection policy. This attempt is to achieve discipline and commitment from players, towards the preparation for 2017 Eastern T20 tournament.  These changes are meant to encourage all members interested in representing Newfoundland and Labrador in the Eastern tournament, to work on their fitness levels throughout the year.

“During the selection process preference would be given to players who meet the below mentioned minimum requirements:

· At least 50% attendance in high performance sessions & net practice

· Minimum Beep test level of 7.5

· Endurance test of 5 km in less than 30 minutes”

Members should go through the changes and plan to meet the minimum requirements if they would like to improve their chances of making it on the team.

Cricket Newfoundland and Labrador (Selection Policy)